A History Of The Former Cornwallis Training Base & Guide To The Museum

Cornwallis - Aerial ViewParade - Aerial View7512 Grad Parade - June 1975 - Mike Bernier

This website and the museum are both a tribute to the men and women who not only built the base during wartime conditions, but to those who were trained in Cornwallis and went on to serve their country in times of peace and of conflict.

The HMCS/CFB Cornwallis Military Historical Society was formed by volunteers to keep the spirit and history of the former training base alive after its closure, and in memory of all servicemen and women who paid the supreme sacrifice to enable Canadians to live in a free country. For more info on the museum itself, please view our brochure here.

If you happen to have any pictures from your time here in Cornwallis, please scan your photos and e-mail them to us so we can post them in our online photo albums. We are unable to accept and return mailed hard-copies of pictures at this time. Thank you!

$3 Adults - $1 Children under 15 - Free for Members

Our Operation Hours:
Open Daily - July to September
July - August: 10am - 5pm
Mid September: 1 - 5pm

If you wish to view the museum during the off-season (Oct 1st - June 30th), please call
Peter Nordland @ 638-8009, Karl White @ 638-3351, Douglas Moore @ 638-8700,
Bev Mosher @ 638-3384 or Wally & Lorraine Herlt @ 638-3434
Appointments may be made by calling the numbers above

NOW AVAILABLE: The 2015 13 Month Calendars for the museum are available from any museum committee member at $10 each! Visit our contact page or see above for contact info!

WARNING : The Cornwallis Military Museum wishes to inform the residents of Cornwallis Park and areas beyond, that the DISPLAY AIRCRAFT located on a pedestal on the south-side of Highway 1 across from the former training base is unsafe TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

PLEASE inform your children TO NOT PLAY OR CLIMB ON THIS AIRCRAFT. It is dangerous. Thank You.

Gord Magee - Museum President


This site was created by Corey Forman with assistance from Douglas Moore, CYS, RCN/CF RET’D.